From the album The 40th Parallel

The 40th Parallel - Falling Again
Debut LP April 2018
All songs written by Ryan C McCloskey ©ASCAP Published by Spirit Animal Publishing ©ASCAP
Produced and mixed by Brendan Monahan
Mixed at Miner Street Recordings Mastered by Ryan Schwabe
Recorded at Range Recordings and Miner Street Recordings


Young & Wild & Free

The city is ours tonight
I can feel your blood in these streets
The years gone fading by
It’s a world you never got to see

But in my mind, you’ll always be…..
Young & Wild & Free

Well people say that there’s a plan
And things are how they’re meant to be
You know the good ones never last
And you were always good to me

So you’ll live in my memory
Young & Wild & Free

Like the changing tide, floating out to the other side
It'll change your mind, something about the stars tonight...

Would you be living out on the coast?
Like you said you would be
Or would this place have called you home?
Like it called out to me

Cuz in these streets you’ll always be
Young & Wild & Free