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  1. Falling Again

From the album The 40th Parallel

Debut LP April 2018
All songs written by Ryan C McCloskey ©ASCAP Published by Spirit Animal Publishing ©ASCAP
Produced and mixed by Brendan Monahan
Mixed at Miner Street Recordings Mastered by Ryan Schwabe
Recorded at Range Recordings and Miner Street Recordings


Falling Again

You should have seen her running
Like a feather out in a storm
Singing songs to no one
While my longing played the chords

Thought I'd locked her away forever
Somewhere frozen in the past
In a dream I heard her whisper
And I knew she'd break me at last

When I heard her voice
It was shining like silver,
spinning like a record around my head
I can’t help myself, I’m falling again

Just when we stopped believing
It’s really hard to tell
Time will make you different
It'll make you lose yourself

But some things they’re worth keeping
Can’t just grind them into dust
Something’s lost in a goodbye
And I've already lost enough

When I felt her touch
Had me running through the red lights
Bouncing like an echo around the bends
I can't help myself, I'm falling again

Should have seen her running
Like a feather out in a storm..