From the album The 40th Parallel

Debut LP April 2018
All songs written by Ryan C McCloskey ©ASCAP Published by Spirit Animal Publishing ©ASCAP
Produced and mixed by Brendan Monahan
Mixed at Miner Street Recordings Mastered by Ryan Schwabe
Recorded at Range Recordings and Miner Street Recordings


My Brother In Arms
Brother you’re still fighting a war
Started so long ago
The fires that burned in your heart
Have only grown stronger now

May they keep you warm
My brother in arms

Do you walk under storybook skies
Do you find sunken treasures
Is there something out on the road
Money can’t measure

May it save you from harm
My brother in arms

The things that you’re waiting for
The things that you’re waiting for
They wait even more
For you

Adam he found his Eve
When the world it first started
Out there tonight waits your queen
So open your heart

And she will give you her charms
My brother in arms